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Do you sometimes find it tricky telling a story and being clear to your audience what your main point is? Getting that “aha” moment may be easier than you think.


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#1: Copyblogger: Has Google’s Author Rank Arrived?

Google recently announced a new feature, In-Depth Articles, in its search results. Does this mean Google is now ready to use Author Rank in its algorithm?

#2: Moz: The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

Do you need the scoop on the latest technical SEO? You’ll get a practical PDF with up-to-date information on Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Google+ and more.

#3: Seer Interactive: The Smart SEO’s Guide to Effective Outreach

Learn how to craft a great outreach message that resonates with your audience and fits with your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

#4: Kiss Metrics: Timeless Content Marketing Lessons from the World’s Fastest Growing Online Publication

Lots of inspiration in how you can create moving and entertaining content.

#5: Moz: Why Local Business Don’t Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing

An interesting take in how pretty much everything you and your brand does is down to content.

#6: Content Marketing Institute: When Your Web Content Strategy Can Benefit From Comics: 5 Factors

Have you considered using a comic or character as part of your branding?

Social Media

Twine has 40 million users. With an increase of 27 million since June. And it was only launched in January 2013!
Jeff Bullas

#7: Jeff Bullas: 10 Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics You Need to Know

All the latest Social Media data you can eat. You may know that one sixth of the World uses Facebook but did you know Facebook now gets 41% of its revenue through mobile?

#8: Social Media Examiner: YouTube Success: How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel [AUDIO]

Grow your YouTube fanbase and learn how to create awesome videos with Gideon Shalwick.

#9: Zen Optimise: 6 Awesome Social Media Wins … And What You Can Learn From Them

Learn how big brands use creativity to make social media work for them.


#10: Think Traffic: What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Business [AUDIO]

It’s Think Traffic again. Not index cards this time but they ask a few entrepreneurs what lessons they have learned and insights they can share.

#11: Seth Godin: “If you don’t start, you can’t fail”


#12: Zen Optimise: 5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Brand Name

Five practical tips for entrepreneurs in creating a brand name that fits with their vision and customers.


Are you ready to take the scenic route in life?
Jeff Goins

#13: Goins, Writer: Three Reasons You Need to Slow Down

“For me, slowing down is about being present. It’s about making the person in front of me feel like important (because they are). It’s about concentrating on the tasks I’m doing in the moment, because when I’m distracted everything I do suffers.”

#14: The Copybot: The Minimalist’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

Find out the three simple things you should do to become a better writer.

#15: Jonathan Fields: The Aligned Entrepreneur

Take a look at whether your values are in sync with the way you business works.


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