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This week’s top pick:

What’s your current thinking about content marketing? Is it all about promoting your product, engaging customers, bringing in other voices, or adding value through your own perspective? Find out how close you are to “enlightenment” here.


#1: Firepole Marketing: How to Get Noticed by Online Influencers and Boost Your Credibility

How can you get the attention of some of the top people in your field? This in-depth post explains why you need to, and how to earn that relationship by being an active, contributing community member through six key steps.

#2: SEO by the Sea: Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Ten Years Ago

Bill Slawski is great at explaining why Google’s algorithm changes and the impact it might have. In regards to keyword research, he writes, “It’s important to keep in mind, when you’re writing about a topic, or doing keyword research, that the words that you’re choosing to use aren’t just strings of words, but rather embody certain concepts that may contain many different aspects.”

#3: Search Engine Land: Eating My (Key)Words: Changing The Way We Think About SEO

Jenny Halasz explains, “The future of SEO is not based on keywords, but rather on how those “keywords” form a relationship to an entity, a concept, or a target.” She makes the point that while SEO and keywords are far from dead, the way we think about SEO needs to change.

Content Marketing

#4: jeffbullas.com: 7 Content Marketing Tips: Your Audience Attention Cheat Sheet

Tip #7 is one that guest poster Pratik says is often overlooked: “Pay a winner to do it for you […] If you want links, if you want social activity, if you want “attention“, and if you want an audience, one of the easiest ways to make that happen is to pay somebody who already has all of that.”

#5: Zen Optimise: 21 Grab-and-Go Ideas for Blog Posts (with Examples): Get Inspired Here

We share 21 easy-to-use ideas for blog posts that are specific enough to give you direction but broad enough to apply to almost any industry. Each suggestion includes a link to an example so you can see that type of post in action.

#6: Heidi Cohen: Content Marketing: 23 Experts Tell How to Improve It

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re new to content marketing. Learn from the experts here and avoid the common mistakes that people often get wrong, like “create content that is wholly about their products and services” (mistake #1) and not promoting the content (mentioned by several experts).

Social Media

#7:  Social Media Examiner: 4 Tools That Improve Your Social Media Analytics

To use social media as effectively as possible, you need good analytics: data presented in a way that’s easy to understand. This post covers four popular tools: Social Report, Cyfe,  SumAll and Google Analytics.

#8: HubSpot: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Dimensions [Infographic]

Visual content is hugely important on social media, but different sites have a bewildering away of options and places for you to position these. This comprehensive infographic shows you exactly what image dimensions you need where, across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

#9: Steam Feed: Social Media: Marketing Super Juice for Your Personal Brand

This straightforward post contains plenty of straightforward advice for social media beginners looking to position. Manage and further their brand online. “Be friendly, affable, helpful, approachable and always genuine in your willingness to serve consumers needs.”


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