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Top picks include Zen Habits on sleep, a massive guide to link building resources, key statistics about content curation, and the use of social markup.


This week’s top pick:

When you want to achieve more, it’s tempting to cut back on sleep. That could be a huge mistake, though, and Leo Babauta explains why, writing, “I’ve noticed that when sleep levels drop, my productivity drops. My motivation to work on hard projects drops.”


#1: Digital Philippines: Link Building Resources: The Updated List

Link building is still a fundamental and essential part of SEO … but how do you get it right? This in-depth guide covers a lot, including link prospecting, broken link buliding, guest blogging, link reclamation, and more. It includes useful tools, case studies and interviews too.

#2: Google Webmaster Central: Faceted Navigation Best (and 5 of the Worst) Practices

This in-depth post from Google’s Maile Ohye explains that “Faceted navigation, such as filtering by color or price range, can be helpful for your visitors, but it’s often not search-friendly since it creates many combinations of URLs with duplicative content.” She explains how to get it right … and what not to do.

#3: Marketing Land: With Content Marketing, Link Building is Obsolete … Right?

Arnie Kuenn explaisn here that link building is definitely alive, and writes that, “Links still matter, and there are many legitimate ways to obtain links that do not violate any search engine’s terms of service.” He also debunks a couple of myths (that social signals are being used, and that you can “build it and they will come”).

Content Marketing

#4: Heidi Cohen: Content Curation in the Content Marketing Mix

This post explains how content marketers use content curation, with 25% of content being curated rather than created (mainly through shares on social media). The post breaks down some interesting statistics, and might give you additional incentive to include curated content in your own marketing mix.

#5: Hemingway App

This clever app (with a web and desktop version) checks your writing for possible problems and flags up hard-to-read sentences, uses of the passive voice, overly-complex phrases, and similar. Try running one of your blog posts through it and see whether the app suggests useful edits for you.

#6: Creative Bloq: 10 Outstanding Uses of Colour in Branding

Signature colours, like Coca-Cola’s red and Cadbury’s purple, can be so recognisable that the companies using them effectively “own” the colours.  This article takes a look at some key colours, giving examples of big brands using them and explaining what emotions and ideas the colours invoke.

Social Media

#7:  Zen Optimise: Understanding and Using Social Markup to Give Your Prospects a Richer Social Experience 

Get social networks to show exactly what you want alongside your posts using social markup (also called social meta tags and social metadata). It’s not as complicated as you might think, and Ali explains how to do it (with links to official documentation and handy WordPress plugins) in this post.

#8: Social Media Examiner3 Ways to Use Google+ to Increase Search Rankings

Social Media Examiner’s annual round-up of top blogs, judged by Lee Odden, Denise Wakeman and Neal Schaffer, lets you know what’s worth reading in 2014. If you’re looking to learn more about social media marketing, or want to get a wider range of opinions, this is a great place to begin.

#9: Jeff Bullas: 10 Insights on How Top Marketers Use Twitter

Jeff Bullas pulls key insights from a report covering 504 American marketing professionals, showing what platform’s they’re on, what apps they’re using, the types of content that they share, the individuals and brands that are retweeted the most and much more.

What have we missed? Let us know in the comments what posts have helped you this week.