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Top picks include Point Blank SEO on scalable link-building campaigns, Matt Cutts on page title tags, how to use BuzzSumo, and great social media accounts.

Photo of Jon CooperThis week’s top pick:

If you’re conducting an extensive link building campaign (probably as part of a team), this post by Jon Cooper is for you. It goes into lots of depth on how to use different tools, including BuzzStream and BuzzSumo.


#1: Search Engine Land: Google’s Matt Cutts: Why Google Will Ignore Your Page Title Tag & Write Its Own

Barry Schwartz introduces and summarises a video from Matt Cutts about “why and when Google will ignore your title tag and use something else for the snippet title in the search results.” The post (and video) give the three-point criteria Google uses when coming up with a new title tag.

#2: Kaiser the Sage: How to Really Rank in Google SERPS

In this post, Jason Acidre explains how he ranked for the search term “SEO blog Philippines”, writing, “I’ll walk you through the methods I’ve implemented over the past several months to rank for a search term that I haven’t optimized using traditional on-site optimization and link building techniques.”

#3: Search Engine Land: Actually, We Don’t Think Google Hates HARO Links

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a service that connects writers/journalists with expert sources. This piece by Matt McGee responds to an article by Bill Hartzer, and Matt suggests that the reasons Google flagged a couple of links weren’t to do with HARO but to do with the way the resulting articles were written.

Content Marketing

#4: Zen Optimise: How to Use BuzzSumo to Become a Better Content Marketer

Have you tried out BuzzSumo yet? In this post, I explain what BuzzSumo does and how it can help you curate content, identify key influencers, and even research your competitors’ content strategies … and emulate their success. It’s a free online tool, and you can even try it out without creating an account.

#5: Content Marketing Institute: 10 Steps to Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy

Taylor Radey explains why it’s important to have a strategy, and runs through a clear and detailed process for creating one, covering steps like ” develop a production process” and “reduce, reuse, repurpose.”

#6: Heidi Cohen: 5 Small Business Branding Guidelines

If you run a startup or small business, it’s easy to to think that branding’s something for the bigger players. But branding matters at every level: as Heidi Cohen explains, it “makes your business look professional” and allows you to set yourself apart from the competition.

Social Media

#7:  Search Engine Journal: 10 Social Media Accounts You Can Learn From

This post rounds up some examples of best practice from ten social media accounts across a wide range of networks: some from brands you’ll definitely have heard of, and others from much smaller businesses. For each, post author Albert Costill explains exactly what that company is doing right.

#8: Social Media Examiner4 Ways Visual Design Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Zach Kitschke writes, “Using consistent visual design elements in your social media marketing efforts helps people recognize your updates.” He goes on to explain what you need to do, including using a colour palette, selecting fonts, and even using templates for your posts.

#9: Social Media Examiner: Essential Facebook Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide

This great round-up from Lisa D. Jenkins covers different aspects of marketing on Facebook, from getting your boss to understand to value of it and setting up your page to using advertising and digging into metrics so you can keep improving.

What have we missed? Let us know in the comments what posts have helped you this week.

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