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This week’s top pick:

We connect with stories, and content marketer Joe Pulizzi explains how a 5-minute video from Kevin Spacey applies to businesses, with three key insights.


#1: SEO Book: Jim Boykin Interview

This in-depth interview by Aaron Wall of SEO Book contains great information on unnatural links, disavows, and scaling an SEO company. Jim Boykin has been an SEO since the early days, and is always insightful.

#2: Search Engine Watch: 10 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts & Mouse Tricks for Marketers

Every  now and then you have to get a bit technical with SEO. Maybe it’s doing keyword research or preparing SEO reports: whatever the situation, these tips will make it just that bit quicker and easier.

#3: Search Engine Land: Google May Be Updating Their Algorithm But They Won’t Confirm It

September 4th saw a lot of speculation about a Google algorithm update on the way. Did you see any of your keyword positions change? It’s not official and something similar happened on the 21st of August  Google is keeping its cards close to its chest  but something may get announced next week.

Content Marketing

#4: Boost Blog Traffic: 43 Creative Ways to Breath Life Back Into Your Blog

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you (and your readers) might be getting a little tired of the same-old, same-old. Shake things up with some of these well-fleshed-out ideas.

#5: BlueGlass: How to Create an Editorial Calendar Using Trello (and Why You Need One)

Are you using an editorial calendar for your blog? Find out why Joe recommends one, and how to use Trello to create it, in his guest post on the BlueGrass blog.

#6: ProBlogger: Is Blogging Still Relevant in a World of Social Media?

Darren of ProBlogger states the case for blogging, and asks readers to chip in. Some of the comments are well worth a read, as well as the post itself.

Social Media

#7: Social Media Examiner: 14 Social Media Tools Used by Marketing Pros

Some of the tools listed here are among our favourites. We’ve been using Compfight (a smart way to search Flickr) for a while, and Zapier is great at connecting applications together (we use it for our CRM, CapsuleCRM, and WordPress contact form, Gravity). The content discovery tool Swayy is one we’ve just added to our list.

#8: Moz: 17 Tactics for More Twitter Followers (And Two New Followerwok Features to Help!)

Practical (and non-spammy tips), focusing on Moz’s app Followerwonk, but with plenty of good advice for all Twitter users. As Peter puts it, “Your follower count is a good measure of your influence, and other people see it as such.”

#9: Zen Optimise: 5 Inspiring Blogging Case Studies

If you’re wondering whether blogging’s worth all the effort, check out our exclusive case studies of five very different blogs. We include tips for how you might be able to see similar success.


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